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The Change: Chapter 4: Jack Of All Trades Part 1
code geass : .L.L
The Change: Chapter 4: Jack Of All Trades Part 1

The two –door red sports car, halts to a screech in front his father’s palace. The youths gaze squints amongst the extended monstrous palace which blends with architectural styles originated by a lack of symmetry. Thus to evaluate the architecture, wings and blocks requires to be observed separately. The principal façade appears as a terrace of renaissance style Palazzi from differing periods of the renaissance.
The most notable part of the palace are the many room’s state apartments large scale restoration of the state rooms consolidated the 18 th century style which prevails as an enfilade and a ceremonial route to the throne room. The boy treads route to the external horseshoe-shaped staircase which leads from the court of honour to the open gallery known as the Gallery of Hercules. From there he enters the Mirror Gallery, a long hall inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, this gallery leads to the first of the state rooms, the Officer's Room, where the boy affirms where they greet guests by court officials before an audience with his father in the Throne Room, thus where he finds his father’s company right after walking a mile from the Officer's Hall enfilading to the Blue Room.
The boy notices the large drawing room, decorated with blue brocade, is hung with Grimaldi family portraits and has chandeliers of Murano glass.
The news of the arrival of the teen had not yet reached his father, who, mounted on a chair, was amusing himself by training with trembling hand the nasturtiums and sprays of clematis that lumbered over at his window. The Bald headed nobleman felt an arm thrown around his brawny body, and a well-known voice behind him exclaimed, “Papa?!” The old man uttered a cry, and turned round; then, seeing his son, he fell into his arms smiling widely.
“My dear Rollo–my boy–my son, did not expect you so soon; and joy, the surprise of seeing you!.”
The brown haired boy smiled back at his father, “Mama phoned me, disturbing my afternoon nap, you wanted to see me about an urgent matter?”, he asked his father rolling his violet eyes.
“Yes, Come now, do smile, instead of looking at me so solemnly. Tell me first all the good fortune that has befallen you Rollo?.”
“Heaven knows.”, Rollo replies sarcastically.
“Come, come,” beckons the Prince, “a glass of Domaine de la romanée- conti, will revive you.
As todays a treat!”

“No, no; thanks. You need not look for it; I don’t want it!”

“Too bad because you’re having it!, now where is it?,” he opens two or
Three cupboards, “where the bloody hell- did those servants place my Dom. romanée?!”

“It is no use,” Rollo moans, “I’m not staying I have things to do. Now what did you want of me?”
He eyes his father suspiciously knowing well the old man has something up his sleeve his father never once offered a drink to his under- aged child.

“Fine!, You have wounded me to the heart , son. I thought you would be staying? “

“I’m leaving!”, The Prince shifts his designer shoes from the Carrara marble floors towards the exit in a huff, before exiting the Blue room, his father stumbles to him, pulls his son to a halt.

“Rollo!, … please sit with me son!, ” after a few seconds of hesitation he yanks his father’s grip to his scraggy arm and resort to standing whilst the Prince of Monaco remained seated.

“Ok, Europe and Britannia are in a brisk of war with each- other you see.” The young teen remains carelessly numb, eyeing his father suspiciously.

“Since our country’s part of the European union, were forced to join the civil war and be rid of Britannian force although we remain neutral, were amongst this tug of war”.

“I was hoping the Chinese federation would launch a declaration of war with Britannia instead”, The teen sighs profoundly.

“Well – it is a possibility by the rate of how things are going, especially how the Britannian government are dealing with native citizens but –anyhow, Charles has made a proposal to me.”

“Are you marrying him?”, The youth scoffs.

“Well- you see “, The count hesitates trying not to look at his son, “Charles and I go way back, as your aware since you’ve befriended the Prince–what is he called again? –“

“Lelouch”, he answered, letting out a nostalgic smile.

“Yes -that’s it! …. Charles wants to conquer Monaco, since were neutral it’s a vantage point for him, we wouldn’t put up a fight.“.,.

“What’s the conclusion Papa?, when is your wedding with Charles?”, the Teen mocks.

“Not for me you silly child!… we agreed on a union of blood between Britannia and Monaco”, the prince fix his gaze at Rollo after a mere second of hesitation.

“What like -?”, Rollo stumbles before realising his father’s conclusion. “-you can’t be serious!?”


He would kill , steal and lie for a good story , thus why after receiving the surprised phone call from a private number commanding him to meet at this location for a juicy gossip about the Imperial Empire, he grabbed his Polaroid and shoulder bag and sprinted to the café down from his office without questioning the time of the arrival nor the person calling.
It seems now that regret is starting to show as the Sandy-blonde male Journalist thumps his head hard on the cafés table, before ordering the seventh –round of coffee from the pleasant Britannian waitress , it has now been exactly one –hour since awaiting this so-called Juicy story.

Eyeing any customer walking into the coffee shop like a guard dog, he briefly laughs to himself for moment of reassurance, trying to comprehend the public’s fascination of royal families’ private life, such the case of the disappearance of Princess Nunnally, her body has never been found nor has the convict.

It was rumoured it was the elevens doing, they killed or abducted her, locked her up in a secluded area where she remains till now possibly dead in which he doubted.

To his surprise his call device rang with a private number flashing on screen, he answers it hastily immediately the line cuts off, after pressing the green button.

At that moment a chair in front pulls to a loud screech as a tall blue-eyed male sat towards him, and smiles without it reaching his eye.

“I do apologise for keeping you waiting – my name is Kanon Maldini,
Personal Assistant to the prime minister Prince Schneizel, - so you must be Diethard Reid?”
“Yes – yes! , at your service Kanon!, I hear you ‘ve something of a great news for me?”, he shook the strangers hand with great enthusiasm, Kanon has himself leaned up against the table, arms crossed over his chest as he leans in closer to Diethard,
“ I need you to bring a squad of reporters to the Britannia VI Productions Company - a little birdy tells me that something –interesting is about to go down”, a wide devilish grin escapes Kanons lips , “ could you do that for me?”
“When?-what time?!!” , indigo eyes alarm with surprise.
“Keep your phone on, and I shall advice you.” , he Pushes his chair back, stands to his feet .
“Wait- you haven’t heard my demands yet!”
“oh? How cunning, I had a feeling this wouldn’t be easy”, smiling at him whilst he sat back down. “Intrigue me.”
Diethard pulls out a brown policy envelope from his shoulder bag, slides it on the table towards Kanon who simply ignores it, blue gaze fixed to indigo.
"It’s to do with the Princess Nunnally case"
“what about it?”
The journalist smirks at this, “I know it wasn't the Japanese who did it “
“who was it then?”, Kanon counters with a bored tone.
“It was the imperial family!.”
A brief moment of silent ensued, Kanon has himself leaned up against the table again arm crossed, “be careful with your accusations Diethard Reid, it will severally bite you in the backside.”, he looks at the journalist impassively.
“but- you didn't deny it?”, he replies acting as if he was surprised.
“why would the emperor kill his own sibling?” ,he countered
“why would he not?, all his offspring scheme to piss on his corpse “, he scoffs.
“ha-ha, your quite the dreamer Diethard, I'm sure it comes with your profession?,”
“is this why I got hired for this mission, out of the thousand journalists ?”
“Well,…. the imperial only works with the best you see , we may even ask your services again soon , I do wonder about the Nunnally case? “, blue –eyes look at the folder without touching it.“ Maybe a talented journalist like yourself could help us resolve this soon enough?”
“ I'll be honoured to!!!”, The journalist replies without hesitation.

“Well then if- you were to leak this slight interview I’ll have your business shut down and arrest you for blackmailing the imperial empire. Leaving your employees jobless, worse than those elevens,… do I make myself clear?”
“Of course your high-I mean, Kanon sir.”,
“good, I'm glad we’ve had this conversation, prince Schneizel was right about you. You’re unique and unpredictable ...,”Pushes his chair back, stands to his feet and leaves without looking back.
The sandy-blonde Journalist grins immensely as he orders another round of coffee from the same waitress, even managing to sneak his cell number in for her, it’ll come in handy one day.
He sat very uncomfortably on his chair shifting from side to side to find a better position as he waited for Gino his recruitment specialist, to greet him in the waiting room at the headquarters of the production company. Jade eyes drop to his Casio watch displaying ten-thirty back at him, a mental note for himself to get a new watch if he wants to be looked upon seriously in business , everything about him is outdated he thought to himself, could be stemming from the military services, as they tend to wipe materialism from the human mind.

He was pretty sure the appointment was for ten on the dot, as he shifts his weight to his right buttocks, making another note to oneself to buy his own clothes next time, he specifically told rose the business suit has to have air, so he could breathe and move around comfortably she mustn't have heard him correctly as she bought the complete opposite, mentioning something about highlighting your best features especially when you take of the suit jacket? Like what did she mean about that? This god damn silver suit is sticking to him like glue, especially the pants, leaving no room for imagination. Suzaku could sense the other visitors in business suits sitting opposite him glaring, possibly from being different, not like he could change his ethnicity!. Even the receptionist was unwelcoming, the Britannian pointed her finger towards his seating and simply muttered
'wait there ' without even looking at him when he first walked in the building giving his name at her desk.

A buzzing crowd of business people, executive men, surrounds the waiting area,
amongst them a six-foot something, blonde male with a wide grin on his face skims passed them and draws a halt stood several feet from Suzaku.

"ZAKU, Sorry I'm late, I forgot you were here!," he flashes a friendly smile," where you waiting long?"
"No I just got in, traffic was heavy", he lies causing the brunette secretary to quickly glances up.
"Ah good!, don't worry I promise not to tell anyone.- come! let's hurry,
Euphemia must be dreading for your anticipation!," he quickly looks at the Japanese with the corner of his eye for a reaction.
"Is she?", large jade eyes looks up to azure. The two teens continue towards the elevator,
inside the elevator gino hands him a badge to access higher levels within the building and presses his finger to the 20th floor as it confirms with the doors shut.
" yes , she seems wanting to know how you dealt with your father?",
Suzaku’s face turns perplexed, "Actually. I haven't seen him since then.”,
Looking at the floor.

"Really!?., I'd say he probably retreated at a friend’s house till he cools down a bit,.. what'yu think?", the blonde turns to face the Japanese.
"I hope so.", he answers face still scrunched.

Gino let's Suzaku ponder a bit in silence, as they exit the elevator passing by a bunch of people in business attire waiting outside glaring, at the Japanese in disgust. Feeling a little self-conscious Suzaku tries to not notice them and continues walking beside gino, who for some reason still has that wide smile plastered on his face.
"I didn't mean to abandon you, at the Gala the other night, zaku!"
"O-oh it's fine you were occupied!, tell me what happen with that girl after she ..-um?". He looks up to the blonde timidly, " -you know?"
"Haha-zaku!, don't be shy- you can say it!., the blonde gitters the Japanese shoulder causing him to startle a little , ”We actually departed that night after she slapped me…She then went running in tears !-
I got drunk by myself whilst searching for you.
-Spoke to my parents then.. Um -."

Thinking back as he affirmed Suzaku was safe in the CEO’s hands after observing the two together conversing in the balcony, he stumbles out to the exit thinking of only one thing, one person, he switches the small glass containing Jack Daniels on ice to his left palm,holds it tightly as if it were precious to him, and shuffles inside his loose pants pockets using his right hand,
Sliding his cell phone open, memorising the number by heart as if he was repeating his bank account pin number. He dials the number, presses the answer button then glues the phone in his ears,
After twenty –two rings, an annoyed voice on the line answers with a “WHAT!”
“I love you Euphemia”..." He mumbled on the line
“Are you drunk again, Gino?”, well, he did drink some, but he is certain that he is sober?
"...doesn’t matter, Go to sleep now. I know you're exhausted from the gala fiasco”, he pouts.
“Fine!”, the line cuts off. After twenty – three consecutive rings he answers his phone again.
“i love you too”,
"Then Sleep with me tonight euphy?”
"-Anyway! This is your desk, say hello to your new colleagues!"

Feeling like a nervous wreck Suzaku lets his eyes wander around the room meeting the eyes of more than a dozen staff members with mini headset microphones stuck on their heads, clacking on desktop computers, seated in an open office, all wearing business casual attires.
a mixture of men and women glaring. His desk wasn't too far from the exit which he felt was like a double edged-sword,
One:, you could see who goes in and out of the office
Two:, you’re the first person they'll meet once enter.

Gino points Suzaku to his desk and casually pats him on the shoulder, grinning.
His desk was really basic, a computer and keyboard, mouse and a few pens and pads and his name in bold letters written in kanji, which will surely catch some unneeded attention, but the interesting thing was the person to his left.
"Zaku! , meet your new colleague, this is Auyumi!!", the blonde gestures towards the female.
" HI, I’m, Mitsuki Ayumi -it's a pleasure to finally meet you Suzaku-sama-", she bows to her waist at him.

It took the Japanese boy a few seconds after bowing back, to realize he was referred to as "sama" the Japanese honorific as to being mightier than humanity, his father must've gained a lot out respect from the elevens immensely he tells himself, or it could just be the fact that the kururugi’s were like deities in japan.

He takes in her features, she had a nice face, a little pale but pretty - Euphemia was prettier
-she had long dark silky hair dressed to her shoulders-but not as long as Euphemia's ocean waved lengthens bright pink locks.
-She had chocolate brown eyes, and pouty lips, a contrast from Euphemia's beautiful blue-violets
And juicy lips- he thought.

She was dressed in a tight white blouse accentuating her medium chest, and a dark skin tight pencil skirt.
"Nice to meet you, Ayumi-Chan", he shakes her hand letting out a warm smile, swore he saw her blush but could’ve been from the air conditioner.
"NICE!- I specifically hired Ayumi to be an assistant to the project.", gino cuts in whilst patting the Japanese girl on the back a bit too hard for her liking. “since she's not an honorary Britannian, she doesn't have the right to work in a Britannian establishment - but who cares about those things, right zaku?" ,he winks, at the Japanese boy with a grin plastered on his face.
"Um, I'm pretty sure that's illegal gino?", The blonde simply shrugs at Suzaku’s response.
“Right?! - I really, have to go guys!- zaku, if you need me I’ll be at the recruitment office. See you at lunch!” with a wave he walked away.
After realizing he just called Ayumi illegal! , Suzaku quickly apologizes by bowing a few times at her nervously which she simply shrugged off smiling back and helping settle into his desk.
“You could call me whatever you like Suzaku-Sama”, - yeah this time he saw the blush.
A brush of pink hair appears from the corner of his eye, as the staff starts to gather around to form a semi-circle around the person revealed to be Euphemia, looking quite pale, with eyes scattered as if she seen a ghost, she wore a nude-beige –strappy string dress with a red cardigan covering her delicate arms, despite the alarmed brows she looked stunning. Her limpid gaze met emerald eyes without a falter; she walked towards him, which felt like slow motion as she contours her arms around his Robust shoulders to a hug. He longed to kiss those pink lips but knowing the circumstances, he decides to hug her back instead as he blushes,
“Suzaku?”, she beckons softly, “great to see you – you look great!”
“So do you, your highness.” He replies smiling softly at her as the colour of his eyes turns a softer shade.
“Oh stop with the formalities!”, she chuckles playfully slapping his chest. For a second they both stare at each other as she falters and turns to face the crowd muttering amongst themselves.
“Hi , everyone this handsome fellow beside me , is the one and only Suzaku –Kururugi!”, she gestures at the Japanese , “the son of the Genbu the infamous controversial film producer.”
Silence descended the room for what felt like several minutes. Well nothing can make this more awkward he thought to himself as he looks to the ground studying the sheer carpet trying to ignore the fact he was called handsome by royalty.
“Suzaku‘s going to be helping us on project –zero. We’ll split the staff to eights and disperse the workload so each team will foresee different tasks and each team will have a Team leader overseeing this.”
“The task in hand are budgeting, scheduling, scripting, supplying of talents and resources, the organization of staff , production, post-production, distribution, and marketing.”
“I think were both on the same team”, whispers Ayumi to Suzaku.
“Yeah, I suppose well be doing marketing something-“
“Its Market Analytics,” Ayumi chuckles quietly.
“Oh right?, yeah ?- I suppose?”,
“You do know what that is?”, she turns to look up to him , catching his eyes .
“Its research right?”, he asks with a confused look on his face.
“you could put it that way”, she giggles lightly,” your very funny Suzaku.”, letting his name roll of her tongue.

Cream folders with gold characters titled classified project zero were being handed to each staff by the princess ,her hands lightly brushes his fingers as she hands him the folder , she lightly blushes and turns her face away as his face flushes crimson and looks to the floor noticed by Ayumi.
The door in front of the Japanese boy’s desk opens swiftly and in walks a raven haired teenager with a man towering a step or two behind and a green haired women to his left. Suzaku quickly recognizes the man behind as he interviewed the Japanese boy for the position in hand, Jeremiah was his name, and he remembers the green haired secretary, clearly that’s C.c.
The raven haired teen strode towards the gathering of loitering staff confidentially, his back straight and nose up in the air, he glances for a quick second to Suzaku but bores his eyes at Euphemia.
“Brother?”, she beckoned, Did she just call him brother? ,
“Sis, how’s things?” , he smiled.
Oh my god their related? Does that mean Schneizel and lelouch are siblings too?
“Suzaku are you ok?”, Ayumi calls to him frantically examining him, “ you look pale?”,
“I-I’m fine”, he gestures her hand away from his face.
“As you all know I’m Prince Lelouch VI Britannia the eleventh in line to the imperial empire
And chief executive officer, of this company”, the raven commands with a slight bored or annoyed tone yet held poise, “ I shall be overseeing full charge over this project assuring its success.
I’ll be over taking princess Euphemia’s position also.” , he concluded thoroughly.
The whole staff turned their attention to him; a few female members looked up at him with lustful eyes, whilst the opposites gazed in awe.
“Did he just say his taking over Euphemia’s role?,”
“Euphemia’s due to find a knight as per tradition, so she won’t have time to handle this project”, Ayumi concludes his question, eyes not leaving the raven prince at the least.
“She’s –what?”, he whispered, out of devastation.

The only person who envisioned a similar future as him, is leaving the dream to focus on some.. stupid Britannian ritual of obtaining a knight? What for? Was it for Vanity sake?, well Just hire a bodyguard if you can afford one! Why a knight? Someone to serve the nobility like a human shield till death?, as soon as you reach the age of maturity. whilst there were more important things in life like reducing death rates, starvation, means of expanding education , decreasing poverty , government corruption and racism. But as true Britannian fashion, they prefer to focus on stupid idealistic ways like getting a knight?
But, why?
Rage started to form his conscious, he needed to forget he ever met her, and to focus on this project ensuring its succession on being televised on every nation, changing corruption to relieve that evil emperor stepping down from power, he will make him kneel to the elevens
- no Japanese citizens - in demand of an apology for his fascist ways of leading a nation!, he will make him kneel to people like Ayumi, and his father Genbu Kururugi, for making them work and earn what is already theirs to be kicked in the face and spat on when reaching for it, calling them names and repeating the whole ordeal till death consumed their poor souls!!

He will fight and be-rid of that Britannian’s to free japan, take japan back to its pre-glorious times before the invasion, bringing back the lost culture.

The Britannia’s could go back to where they came from, for all he cares, but despite all this ,
There are friendly ones out there such as, gino- that guy is comical, Shirley-she seemed nice, Euphemia , kallen – whose more Japanese them Britannian , but this -this lelouch person?, he seems cold, and distant , he never once acknowledged the Japanese boy’s existence , but then why didn't he abandon him on the night of the gala?, drunk , should’ve been left in an alleyway to rot, beaten to death by some juvenile delinquents? Instead lelouch brought him back home safe and sound?
Although being in the company of rose his helper didn't really count as being safe. How’s lelouch
To know that? He was sure if he knew he would've reported rose ages ago.
Could he trust lelouch?

”everything about project zero is in that folder; it’s going to be in pre-production by Friday”,
The prince scans through the room for a reaction, “I’ll be interviewing those I feel worthy of the positions of team leaders this week for this project. In the meantime, you should all remember project zero shall remain classified to the public .understood?"
Echoes of 'yes your highness ' fills the room,
" good! . Now get back to work.", he shifts his heal without glancing back at anyone ,he smirk slyly, starts to march towards the exit ,soon follows C.C grinning like a Cheshire Cat and gottwald a step or two behind her, boring holes on her back.

Suzaku glances at Euphemia noticing a feeling of uncertainty brushing through her as she tore a hole to the floor, frowning like a small child who’d lost their candy.
It took the Japanese boy a lot of restraint not to comfort her, but she eventually snapped back to the present and beckoned the crowd back to their work, although they were already seated.

She soon followed her brother’s footsteps and walked out of the room in a hurry, a stocky man dressed in incognito follows route.

Through peripheral vision Ayumi notices Suzaku looking tensed at Euphemia, she pulls his attention back to her, by swaying a cream folder back and forth beneath him automatically snapping him to reality, as he blinks to life.

“Hey!, let me show you what were currently working on." She points short index finger towards computer screen , eyeing a movie script titled : the gambler by rivalz cardemonde , on her desktop were several other scripts each opened in new tab windows , he noticed her desk for the first time, held two small containers stacked with brown folders , one folder compartment titled
’ no’ the other titled ‘yes’.

He noticed fewer folders on the yes pile than the no.

Ayumi turns to face him, as he leans closer to her desk, closing in on her monitor, one hand behind her chair the other on her desk.

She mentally counts the tiny beauty spots on his sun kissed face, and remarked the way his pouty lips formed an "o" form as She breathed in his scent ,recalling her of spring ,rain and flowers.
As she shuffles closer realizes his lips aren't as smooth as she thought they were , they were actually chapped , that wasn’t a bad thing, as she mentally notes to get him some lips moisturizer, but instantaneously flushes as she pictures the sensation of chapped lips on her pale sensitive neck.
His tiny nose was sculptured to perfection, and the most beautiful part of his face was his eyes.
She’d never seen eyes that shun like gems before , not only that , but they held so much passion and determination as you could read his every emotion as he fixes his gaze to the script on her monitor. He looked to be thrilled as contour lines forms on the corner of lips.
Eye colour switches a different shade of green as they scan through the monitor.

She could easily compare his emeralds to the amnesty crush of prince lelouch’s but she much prefers these ones, they were her favourite colour.

A sudden red tinge forms on his cheeks as she notices he was looking back at her.
Now a shade of tomatoes, she bore her eyes to the screen, as he shifts awkwardly to his seating turning on his computer, bypassing the logon screen. Maybe a short conversation might defuse the awkwardness.

"Hey Suzaku, can I ask you something?”, she chirps after a brief moment of silence . He faces her, eyes enlarge out of curiosity. ".Are you still in school?,"
"Eh?, no..I left for the army"
"Really?!, that must've been tough."
"Yeah, sure was?, "he turns to face his desktop as a flash of welcome Suzaku Kururugi appears on his screen, revealing the start menu and various applications. The company’s logo sat comfortably on the background. Smiling at this he continues, "The Britannia’s weren't quite welcoming towards us honorary ones.", he lightly chuckled at the comment, causing a few looks from the staff seated across.
"Wait!-", she cried at him in disbelief, " you’re an honorary Britannian?- as in-?"
"-I traded my Japanese citizenship to become a Britannian citizen.", he sighs chestnut brows borrowing together predicting the aftermath.
"Why?-why would you trade in your nationality to become like -like them?-", she whispers trying to keep her voice down but failed. Suzaku kept his gaze bored on his computer screen, scrolling his mouse around various applications with figures and charts flying across the screen.
" why not?", he counters back., "You get better compensations, living conditions , the right to work amongst the Britannian’s , and social health care-"
"But your seen as a traitor to us elevens for giving up your nationality - plus you get treated worst from them Britannian’s as they'll think your trekking in, on their territory.!", Ayumi bawled.

"HEY YOU ELEVENS!!!, I'm trying to work here !!!", a man in his late twenties-hollered across the room. Causing a few laughter’s from the staff.

Suzaku’s grip on his mouse shook savagery, determined again to stop racism in this country, he clams down, breathing in a long breathe and continues "It's hard to explain to you Ayumi",
He faces up to her softly with a friendly smile. "I want to change society for the better. for me to do that, is to work my way up to power."

Green eyes fixates to alarmed light brown, as Ayumi stood up from her seat in a rush,"
Well good luck with that!." , locks her computer and grabs her purse, stomps away without saying another word to him.

The Japanese boy sighs thoroughly watching her disappear, wishing he'd kept his mouth shut nobody would side with an honorary Britannian, he should just move to the E.U- he thought- , he'd possibly get killed! they'll take him for a spy for sure. He leans back on his seat unsure of what to do right now, waiting for somebody to tell him- what- in -gods -name was he supposed to do in terms of work.
He blinks to the monitor, as he questioned how to lead if he awaits commands from others?
He should lead not follow!. He grabs the folder on his desk for project zero and starts to quickly scan through it, till a flash on his desk blinks lunch-time.
Gino didn’t turn up for lunch, he messaged the Japanese boy he’d an important conference call with a client. So, there he was, in the cafeteria all eyes upon him as it felt like the whole room were gossiping about him, masking his anxiety he took confident steps, jade eyes scanning the room for a seating, eyes catches ayumi’s , she looks away quickly, seating not too far from the entrance of the cafeteria eating by herself. Taking it as a dismissal he decides to sit alone by a corner near a wall.
He ate in silent bearing in the looks as if he were a creature from another planet.
Loud gasps , and negative reactions mutterings of a few curses alerts his hearing, he starts to catch what thought were voices in his head,’ look it’s that clown of a child of an eleven, I heard he was a honorary Britannian , as if we’d let him in our circle! , fucking eleven!, hate those monkeys!, I know!, even if he’s an honorary Britannian his still an eleven!.’
Breathing -in , he decides to block all those voices from what he was taught by Kallen’s brother Naoto, if it wasn’t for him he would’ve pounced at someone by now.
After eating half of his plate in silence, the thought of the project and his father’s absence starts to come into effect.
The folder he’d read about the project was all to prim and polished, there wasn’t nothing wrong with it to say the least, it detailed how the project would start and how it would finish. From the costumes to the set and location, it was all too…Britannian? It didn’t indicate the struggles of the Japanese, the sufferings, the effect of losing a country from war, turning its citizen in to third world people, it was missing heart and soul, he thought. If they were to release this material to the public there won’t be any effect laid towards it, he needs to take over this project and fast before – oh- in walks gino, with Euphemia and a few more crowds of people in black suits.
Gino looks around, scattering the room in search of someone as Euphemia comfortably follows his back, Suzaku could hear most of the female in the room squealing pointing at gino, but the blonde does not seem to give a care.
“There he is!-“, Gino gestures to Euphemia who sighs back in relief hand held to her chest close to her heart ,they confidently walk to the Japanese , side by side , they’d make a great couple only If she’d let him. A loud smack on his back startles him as gino sat to his left, whilst Euphemia sat in front and a few people possibly executives, sat to the seating’s beside.
Suzaku quickly scanned the faces of those executives; there was an air of nobility amongst them and the mayor of area eleven!.
“Zaku!!- ma’ boy!!”,Gino chirped, laying his arms around Suzaku suffocating him to a tight one armed hug.
“h-hey guys”, they all chuckle causing Suzaku to blush. “Gino let him go!”, a small child of a girl with light pink hair came to his rescue, pink cheeks alight. Euphemia just sat there laughing looks up to the Japanese boy, blue-violet on emeralds;
he looks away causing a pink brow to knit together, out of confusion.
“Suzaku, let me introduce you to a few important faces you should familiarise yourself with,”, she gestures to the faces on her left. “This is dame Anya Alstreim , and Sir Caustrik Jansen. To his right is the mayor of area eleven and his security team. We’ve decided to have the film located in area eleven thus finalising location with the mayor.”, the mayor smiled softly to suzaku ,who sat four seats down from him.
Sir Caustrik, is one of the executive producers a third of the productions we oversee.”,
“Nice to finally meet you Suzaku, I’ve heard so much about your father,” Suzaku shook
The tanned hand offered to him by Caustrik, unsure if his comment was sly dig to him or not, Caustrik seated to gino’s right, he noticed the slight resemblance of both blondes.
Caustrik was an inch taller than the Japanese, possibly same age if not- around, blush –blonde hair very long and straight with a lot of layers and ocean- blue eyes , his skin colour was surprisingly tanned compared to gino’s complexion. He flashed a white smile at Suzaku from noticing his eyes studying.
“So you’re an executive, at such a young age?, ”Suzaku asked the blonde out of curiosity.
“Most of us in this company are, it’s our parents influence to have us in power at such a young age, such like you.” The guy answered with a conceited tone.
“I suppose?”, Suzaku shrugs , unsure if it was a complement or an insult?
" well , Suzaku will be working very close with us on this project-"
"Us?," Suzaku cuts Euphemia , meeting concerned eyes at the table.
"-sorry-What I meant is your highness you’re not going to’ be working on the project anymore right?”, he stutters not meeting her eyes.
"-stop with the formalities and why wouldn't I be Suzaku?", she asked curiously , causing the rest to go silent.
"Well I heard from the papers you were searching for a knight. So you wouldn't have the time?.", he replies covering the fact Ayumi advised him of this. Gino shifted uncomfortably on his seat feeling the invisible heat amongst the two.
"Oh, actually I forgot to tell you-you see I do apologies I was meant to come round to yours over the weekend to tell you this personally ,since it's technically it's your project but things got hectic", she sighed. Causing the members to nod of comprehension" But I'll be helping my brother lelouch on decision making on the production aspect, after the knighthood."
" it is a big deal this project yes?", Anya cut in looking at Euphemia.
" in terms of budgeting or the fact it's a collaboration of two huge productions ?",Caustrik asked.
"Both.” she replied impassively.
"Well you see princess Euphemia never really had much of an authority over the companies productions so to prove her worth she is sticking her two cents in..right Euphie?", gino covered for her, trying to mask the real purpose of the movie -documentary.
Suzaku felt out of place , not because he was a different race- well possibly a little bit-, but more because of the presence of the people on the table - he was in the presence of greatness and would be working with them soon, for once in his life since the military he felt in charge. This project was technically his, as per the princess comment, realising his father chose not to work at such close proximities with Britannian’s apart from a few, so Suzaku’s technically here on behalf of his father. He smiled brightly to himself causing a look of confusion upon Gino's handsome features.

With a brush of confidence Suzaku leans in forward elbows to the table, rest his hands on his chin, a look his father would be proud of.
“I read the project "
with a gasp, “so what you think?", Euphemia held her breathe, gino smiled slightly,
Anya did not pay much attention as she was fiddling with her phone device , Caustrik had his eyebrow raised at Suzaku, looking ghastly at the Japanese boy {since placed elbows on the table} the mayor of area eleven and his body guards all looked over at the Japanese.

After a few seconds Suzaku cleared his throat, he didn't think he'd cause that much attention?.
" who wrote it ?", asks Euphemia , emerald orbs narrowing . She was about to answer when a loud chuckle surrounds the room closer to the table, " these are the people responsible for it! ,"
In walks prince lelouch with a large entourage, they all take a seating on the same table.
Lelouch sat diagonally to the left of the Japanese, whilst his entourage included ,C.c and Gottwald sat opposite their prince.
Causing the table to bow, the prince made a slight gesture with his hand and all remained seated. He reeked an air of noble smugness, causing Suzaku to scoff at the gesture as he half-stood, then seated.
“We wrote it Mr. Kururugi. Is there an issue?",

A male and female both spoke in unison looking ever so proud of their work. "So please, do spill the beans". Lelouch asked the boy, eyeing him with an evil grin as if he’d read the inner turmoil of his Japanese conscious.

He was afraid.
His insides shook from full attention received from whole table of prominent figures in society especially from lelouch, his aura was more deathening than Euphemia’s, and hers were possibly an aura fed upon lust.
This situation is different from being a major in command of a small unit of mindless troops,
This situation presented itself of him to outline his inner thoughts, using words,
Which could sway the party to his direction or not, this situation didn't require action it required persuasion. Words weren't his Fortë, his fists spoke as replacement. So he took in breathe of confidence and spoke.
"The screenplay is spineless".,
He felt silence , so he continued without looking up at them. “There’s too much favouritism upon the Britannian’s forces than the elevens. For a documentary of this caliber,
we need to display real life situations, how poorly the citizens were treated having their country taken away-"
" -you must be kidding me!”, cried the male screenplay writer,
“We can't upset the empire and nation of Britannia, over false accusations? You elevens handed us the country without putting a clean fight; thus the screenplay outlines!”
Excuse -me?, “Your mostly inaccurate sir, we elevens don’t have the technology the Britannian used to abolish our country , we did put a good fight against the Britannian reign, but unfortunately circumstances followed . I do believe it’s important if we added these events to pre-production-
and used Japanese actors instead of Britannian’s to play the scenes of my people!." , he quickly scanned the room meeting aghast faces apart from Euphemia’s, who simply smiled softly at him, lelouch was still grinning though , he knew something!, he must've read the script And seen how thick-headed it was. Any person with mild intelligence would've foreseen this stupidity. There was no mention of war, no mention of turmoil, no mention of political corruption.
It pained as, 'please Hand me your country', ’well of course your highness, here you go!'.

" and what do you think about it mayor?", lelouch turned to face the mayors opinion.
"I like it!.", of course he does, " it's appealing to our market , we need not to bore the audiences with ghastly details of elevens defeat.
It greatly documents our power and respect as Britannian’s, so opposing countries should squirm in fear of our glory!."
" well said mayor of area eleven. “Lelouch beckoned to the old man who blushed slightly to the teen, “well thank you your highness."

Suzaku was appalled, the whole table were in favour of this, he was alone cornered, his father would’ve just left the table and walk away from this project all together, to find other means to stop political corruption, in this situation Suzaku felt defeated. Powerful Britannian’s were in favour of this teleplay, there wasn't anything he could do, except walk away. He looked at Euphemia, for means of support, but she seemed distant. He knew she had no more say on this project, thus kept her mouth shut, like any other powerless figure would. So he did what any other helpless person would do, he walked away, rose from his seat and cried- " FUCK YOU’S!."
With that he walked away, leaving loud gasps surrounding the table. His done, and finished with Britannia, he needs to find his own way getting around government corruption.

Comments are appreciated

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Betting on entire casino with yourself.
I really want to see Lelouch as Mine Fujiko >_>

.....well he still need  more stamina

by the way Shiro kuma cafe is totally SuzaLulu anime
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Fukujun + Sakurai


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